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Auditorium Reservation Form

Instructions: Please complete all information requested. Services that are not requested will not be furnished.  In making this application, it is understood and agreed that the following rules and the rules set out in the School Facilities Rules and Regulations shall be required five (5) days in the advance of the scheduled event date. A deposit of half the rental is required before the reservation is complete. Payments must be paid to the Caldwell Administration Office located at 203 North Gray Street, Caldwell, TX 77836.

The representative and group/organization hereby agrees and undertakes to save and hold harmless the School District, its officers, agents and employees from any and all claims for damages, personal or otherwise, that may arise out of the use of said property and without regard to whether the damage, personal or otherwise, is brought about or caused by negligence whether on the part of the applicant or the School District or both. The representative and Group/Organization agree to assume full responsibility for damages and related costs of any kind incurred while using the facilities under this agreement.

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