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Biography - Clover Cochran

Howdy, my name is Clover Cochran. 
I grew up in Caldwell, Texas and graduated from Caldwell High School in 1990.
I began my college career at Texas A&M, and finished with a Bachelors of Fine Arts from Southwest Texas State University. 
I fell in love with bronze sculpting during college and still work on new works of art each year. 
After moving away for college and work, I moved back to Caldwell in 2010 to be closer to my family and help with the ranch. 
I utilized my art knowledge to create a business landscaping for local clients, and I’ve been able to use that to expand my horizons as the art teacher at Somerville High School as well.
I enjoy training horses,  traveling the world, cultural studies, dancing, and ranching in my spare time. 
I chose to serve on the Caldwell ISD Board because I want to create a positive impact on our schools and see graduating students have the same honor in graduating from Caldwell High School that I had when I graduated. I also wanted to work on keeping CISD the great school it was in 1990 when I graduated.
I hope to see our graduating students go out into the world capable and with the mental tools to make a great life for themselves and their communities.
I also want our community to know that it has a high school to be proud of, that will educate their future to the highest ability, and to be a positive and leading anchor-point to our community.