Independent School District

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Academic Accountability

The overall design of the accountability rating system is a performance index framework. Performance indicators are grouped into four indexes that align with the goals of the accountability system. The structure for evaluation of performance across the four indexes affords multiple views of campus and district performance. Performance across the four indexes are used to assign accountability rating labels based on performance targets that are set for each index.

Index 1: Student Achievement. Provides a snapshot of performance across subjects, on both general and alternative assessments, at the satisfactory performance standard. 

Index 2: Student Progress. Provides a measure of student progress by subject and student group independent of overall student achievement levels.

Index 3: Closing Performance Gaps. Emphasizes advanced academic achievement of the economically disadvantaged student group and the lowest performing racial/ethnic student groups at each campus or district.

Index 4: Postsecondary Readiness. Emphasizes the importance for students to receive a high school diploma that provides them with the foundation necessary for success in college, the workforce, job training programs, or the military. 

Distinction Designations