Independent School District

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District Goals

Goal 1 Caldwell ISD will provide a 21st Century educational culture preparing each student to  achieve excellence.

Performance Objective A: Increase to 85% or by 10% the performance of each student group at the Approaching level

Performance Objective B:  Increase by 5% the performance of each student group at the, Meets or Masters level.  

Performance Objective C:  Increase the number of students meeting grade-level expectations for reading at each campus grades.

Performance Objective D:  85% of all students shall be successful  in dual credit, AP, or earn a state-recognized certification
Performance Objective E:  Increase student attendance rate to 97%

Performance Objective F Reduce discipline referral rates by 10%

Performance Objective G: Ensure 100% of all students will graduate.



Goal 2 Caldwell ISD will be fiscally responsible and provide quality facilities to ensure student safety while enhancing the learning environment and the extra-curricular performance through available resources.


Performance Objective:  

  1. The general operating budget will be balanced by securing additional funding sources.
  2. Students will be educated in a safe learning environment

Goal 3 In a safe and supportive setting, Caldwell ISD will attract and maintain highly effective personnel who empower families and the community to have a collaborative role in building positive, strong, healthy relationships for each student.

A. Performance Objective: Ensure students receive instruction by a highly effective staff

B. Performance Objective:   85% of all teachers will be rated at least “Proficient”
C. Performance Objective: Ensure Parents and Community involvement with the schools


The District Goals were updated on July 10, 2019, to reflect the focus on individual students rather than the student body as a whole. The Performance Objectives will be updated in September 2019.