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CISD Insurance Information
Open enrollment is from August 1, 2016 to August 22, 2016
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Attn: Caldwell ISD Employees

Caldwell Independent School District’s Benefit Plan Year runs September 1st through August 31st.  The ANNUAL ENROLLMENT will take place starting Saturday, August 1st through Monday, August 31st.  Representatives from Combined Benefits Group, our 3rd Party Benefits Administrator will be at the District to assist employees with completing your enrollment.  Please refer to the attached enrollment schedule for assistance with your benefit elections.     



Important information regarding TRS ActiveCare Medical Plans


TRS/Wellsystems is requiring/mandating all employees to re-elect coverage for the upcoming plan year.  If you do not re-elect your medical coverage during the annual open enrollment dates listed above, then you will not be covered under the health insurance for this plan year. 


In order to receive ID cards prior to September 1st, you must elect coverage in the enrollment system prior to August 13th.  If you enroll in coverage after August 13th, ID cards can be delayed until the 3rd week of September and this could cause interruptions in service and difficulties verifying coverage.  Click on the following video to learn more information regarding this requirement (haga clic aquí para TRS Anuncio).

Important Benefit Updates

Vision Insurance


Block Vision of Texas is now Superior Vision.  Same company, same benefits and same rates, just a new name.


Long-Term Disability


OneAmerica is replacing Assurant as the disability provider.  OneAmerica has agreed to match our current plan design and rates.  If you are currently enrolled in the disability plan, your coverage will seamlessly roll forward to the new plan with no loss in coverage.  The disability plan provides a tax-free benefit up to 66-2/3% of your current income.  Make sure to update your benefit level based on your current 2014-2015 salary as we will not automatically max out your benefit as in the past.


Voluntary Term Life Insurance:


Assurant is replacing MetLife as the term life insurance provider.  Assurant is matching the current rates and offering an open enrollment.  Employees can enroll for up to $150,000 in coverage with no health questions (up to $50,000 on your spouse & $10,000 on eligible children).  Coverage includes a matching AD&D.


Cancer Insurance:


American Public Life is replacing the current Transamerica cancer plans with their newly updated group cancer plan.  The new APL plan is guaranteed issue with no health questions, meaning that no employee will be denied coverage.


Accident Insurance (NEW BENEFIT PLAN):


Have you ever thought about what you would do if you or a family were accidently injured as a result of an accident? Accidents are unexpected and can strike any member of your family.  The Center for Disease Control, Congressional Testimony, May 1, 2008 stated “One in six U.S. residents requires medical treatment from and injury each year”.

The new accident plan through Assurant pays fixed benefits directly to you for covered accidental injuries, regardless of any other coverageyou may have and you can spend it in any way you choose.  Benefits are paid according to a fixed schedule that includes benefits for hospitalization, fractures and dislocations, emergency room visits, major diagnostic exams, physical therapy and more.

Monthly Premiums for 24 Hour Coverage

Employee Only

$  18.91

Employee & Spouse

$  27.17

Employee & Child(ren)

$  33.16


$  41.42

Critical Illness Insurance (NEW BENEFIT PLAN):


Can your finances survive a serious illness?  A sudden illness such as a heart attack, cancer or stroke can have devastating physical and financial consequences.  For many a critical illness can expose an individual to an unexpected gap in protection.  While your health plan may cover many of the direct costs associated with a critical illness, related expenses such as lost income, deductibles, co-insurance, child care, travel to and from treatment may quickly diminish savings.  The critical Illness plan pay lump sum benefits directly to you to help cover these costs.  This plan is offered on a guaranteed issue basis with no health questions and premiums are locked in at issue age.

Monthly Premiums (Non Tobacco Use)

Issue Age

< 30

30 - 39

40 - 49

50 - 59

60 - 69


$   8.48

$ 12.08

$ 20.48

$ 33.88

$  51.48


$ 11.98

$ 17.38

$ 29.98

$ 50.08

$  76.48


$ 18.98

$ 27.98

$ 48.98

$ 82.48


Review your Elections & Make Changes

Benefit Elections:


Your benefit elections will become effective 9/1/2015 (Exception: elections requiring evidence of insurability, such as life insurance, may have a later effective date, if approved).  After the annual enrollment closes, benefit changes can only be made if you experience an IRS qualifying event (changes must be made within 30 days of the qualifying event).  IRS Qualifying Events include, but are not limited to: Change in Marital Status, Birth or Adoption of a Child, Death of a Dependent, Change of Employee’s or Spouse’s Employment, Entitlement to Medicare or Medicaid, FMLA Leave and COBRA Qualifying Event.  Should you have specific questions regarding certain circumstances, please contact Combined Benefits Group, our 3rd Party Benefit Administrator for approval of changes.


Enrollment Schedule & Instructions


Please refer to the following schedule for when Representatives from Combined Benefits Group will be on your campus to provide an overview of our benefit program and changes that are taking place.  They will also be assist you questions and completing your enrollment.  If you cannot see them the day they are on campus, please make arrangements to complete your enrollment at another campus.


Monday, August 17th      All Campus Locations        


Open Enrollment Instructions Online Enrollment Instructions:


To log in, please visit then click on the LOGIN link on the homepage.

  • Username: First 6 letters of your last name, your first initial followed by the last 4 digits of your Social Security number. 
  • Password: Full last name followed by the last 4 digits of your Social Security number (no spaces).


Example: Abe Lincoln, SSN 000-00-1234                                     

  • Username:      lincola1234
  • Password:       lincoln1234


All passwords from last year have been reset to the default described above


Additional Benefit Information


Caldwell ISD’s Employee Benefit Website


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