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Caldwell ISD believes that good character is essential for success in life. Our teachers and students are committed to internalize, promote, and be an example of great character. Students in grades K through 12th grade participate in a character curriculum.
Grades K through 3rd primarily use the Core Essential Values curriculum. This curriculum focuses on a core value word of the month and involves everyone in the school to implement the word and demonstrate it in their words and actions. Core equips students, staff, and families to SAY IT, KNOW IT, SEE IT, AND BE IT each month.
The 2023-2024 Core Essential Values words are:
August Creativity
September Friendship
October Integrity
November Gratitude
December Generosity
January Responsibility
February Kindness 
March Peace
April Patience
May Commitment
character strong
Students in grades 4-12 primarily use the character curriculum of Character Strong. This curriculum focuses on fostering the whole child with vertically aligned lessons that teach Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and character, side-by-side.
The (SEL) competencies focus on self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making. The character development focuses on character words such as patience, kindness, respect, selflessness, forgiveness, commitment, and humility.
The 2023-2024 Character Strong words are:
August Kindness
September Respect
October Responsibility
November Gratitude 
December Empathy
January Perseverance
February Honesty
March Cooperation
April Courage
May Creativity