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Caldwell Elementary School provides a Pre-K program for eligible four-year old students residing in Caldwell ISD. Students must be four years old on or before September 1st of each academic school year to meet age qualifications. In addition to serving students who meet eligibility criteria as established by the Texas Education Agency (TEA), a limited number of tuition-based seats are available depending on current enrollment.

The average class size ranges from 15-18 students. Each classroom has the support of a certified teacher and paraprofessional staff member to ensure a ratio of no more than 11:1 is maintained throughout the day.

Caldwell Elementary School provides a full-day Pre-K program. Students follow the general school day from 7:50-3:30. Students follow the general schedule of all other grade levels (Kindergarten - 3rd grade), attending PE, music, computer, and library. Students are provided breakfast in the classroom as part of the instructional day. Teachers utilize the Ready to Advance curriculum by Benchmark to guide instruction. CIRCLE Progress Monitoring in the CLI Engage platform is used as our progress monitoring tool. Additionally, teachers utilize rubrics to monitor progress in the curriculum. 

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