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About Us


Caldwell Independent School District



Our district and its schools will be known for the exceptional academic and extracurricular achievements of each of our students, the values and morals we bring to the community and its families, the excellence of our staff and leadership, and our partnership with the community.



Caldwell ISD is committed to work with each student and his/her parents so that each student may achieve excellence in education and become a productive member of society.



We believe each student is more successful with the active support of his/her parents, CISD employees, and community members.  We believe high expectations of each student yields positive self-worth, responsible behavior, and superior performance in diverse academic and extracurricular activities.  We believe all school environments must be safe, secure, and positive places to learn, grow, and work.

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Caldwell ISD is the home of the Hornets. Our colors are Texas orange and white. 
Texas UIL classifies the Hornets as a 4A district.
Four campuses make up the district: Elementary (PK-3rd), Intermediate (4th-6th), Junior High (7th - 8th) and High School (9th-12th).  We also have a District Alternative Education Program and an Alternative Center of Education. For more information contact the high school principal.
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District Goals
Annually the Board of Trustees reviews the Mission, Vision, and Belief system of the District. Goals are also created based on the needs of the district. Those goals are adopted by the board annually and reviewed annually.
The Board of Trustees have established the following goals:
1. Caldwell ISD will provide a 21st Century educational culture preparing each student to achieve excellence.

2. Caldwell ISD will be fiscally responsible and provide quality facilities to ensure student safety while enhancing the learning environment and the extra-curricular performance through available resources.


3. In a safe and supportive setting, Caldwell ISD will attract and maintain highly effective personnel who empower families and the community to have a collaborative role in building positive, strong, healthy relationships for each student.



Revised by the Board of Trustees, July 2019