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Auditorium Reservations

Auditorium Expectations for CISD and Non-CISD Events
Please fill out the appropriate reservations form online below after reviewing calendar and expectations. 
You are responsible for ensuring that your group follows the expectations below. The rules are put in place to maintain a clean and safe auditorium, and to have successful events. 
No food or drink in the auditorium or on stage, at any time. During rehearsals or performances. Please use the commons for food and drink. 
Parents or guests are not allowed backstage. Only your authorized personnel or CISD staff are allowed backstage. 
or performances please do not use glitter or any substance that could damage curtains or CISD property 
Please email all lighting or sound needs to [email protected] before the event.
Please do not glue, or pin anything to the curtains or CISD property. 
Clean the stage and audience seating area before and after the event is complete. 
If you need any special set pieces for your event email [email protected].
Be aware that if you use CISD staff/students for events, there will be an hourly charge. 
Rental Fee - $100 per hour (4-hour minimum)
Lighting and Sound Technicians - $10 per hour, per person (must be CISD Student) 
Admin/Auditorium Manager - $25 per hour 
Custodial - $100 per event, if desired for clean-up. 
1. It is understood and agreed that this agreement becomes valid only after it is signed by the applicant, hereafter called Lessee, and an authorized school administrator. Any changes to the agreement must be agreed to in writing.
2. The Board permits the use of school facilities to organizations or groups within the District for purposes of education, recreation, and entertainment when such use does not conflict with the regular instructional programs. School facilities may not be used for private gain or profit.
3. The lessee shall be severally and jointly liable with any organization that might be represented by the lessee for the payment to Caldwell ISD of the fees for use of school facilities as well as fees for setup, clear-up, damages, or
rearrangement of furniture and equipment by District personnel.
4. Any person or organization contracting for the use of school facilities will be charged a minimum $50.00, plus any expenses incurred by the District in arranging for the use of the facility, in the event of “NO SHOW”.
5. The Lessee shall be responsible to Caldwell ISD for all damages to the building or equipment and shall indemnify and hold harness Caldwell ISD or its agents from any claim whatsoever resulting from or arising out of the use of the building or any part of Caldwell ISD facilities.
6. Caldwell ISD shall provide caretaker service unless other arrangements are made or agreed to by the parties. The building and/or equipment shall be under the supervision of the caretaker.
7. Caldwell ISD property will not be used for the teaching, promoting, disseminating, or furtherance of any theory of doctrine of a subversive nature, intended or threatening to undermine or overthrow the constituted form of government of the United States or of the State of Texas.
8. All national, state, and local laws and rules of police and fire departments must be complied with by the persons or organizations using Caldwell ISD facilities.
9. All decorations used within the building must be as fireproof as possible and are subject to the approval of Caldwell ISD. No open flame decorations shall be permitted, and no decorations shall be fastened to the floor, walls, or ceilings with nails, screws, wax, tape, or other fasteners, that are deemed solely by Caldwell ISD to damage its facilities.
10. “No smoking” and “no tobacco” use regulations will be observed in all school facilities.
11. Food or drinks will not be permitted in the Auditorium or Gymnasiums. The organization leasing the facility will be responsible for enforcing this regulation. Failure to enforce the rule will result in additional cleaning fees assessed to Lessee.
12. Caldwell ISD reserves the right to require any additional personnel deemed necessary for the safe and proper use of their facilities.
13. It is understood that the cost specified under this agreement is a good faith estimate only and that if the facility is used for time or manner exceeding that indicated herein, an extra fee for the actual cost of additional use or clean-up will be assessed and billed to the Lessee.
14. If any of the terms and conditions of this agreement are not adhered to explicitly, this agreement may be revoked by the District without recourse.
15. This agreement will become null and void if Caldwell ISD finds that it will have an unforeseeable need for the rented facility after the agreement has been signed.
16. Any exception to the above rules must be approved, in writing, by the Director of Fine Arts or High School Principal.
1. The Board permits the use of school facilities to non-profit organizations or groups for purposes of education, recreation, and entertainment when such use does not conflict with the regular instructional program of Caldwell ISD. Such organizations will need to provide evidence of their non-profit status.
2. All Caldwell ISD facility use terms and conditions will apply
3. Non-profit organizations who wish to use the Auditorium should contact the Superintendent’s office at least three to four weeks before they plan to use the facility. Lessee will need to provide the following information:
a. Name and Type of Event
b. Planned date and type of event
c. Expected turnout
d. Sound, lighting, electrical requirements
e. Name and contact information of lessee’s representative who will coordinate the event
4. For events of single date durations, the normal fee schedule for use of facilities will apply. When an organization wants to use Caldwell ISD facilities for an event longer than three days, or for repetitive events or activities, they will receive a facility use fee discount of 60%.
5. Facility use is on a “first-come, first-served basis”. Lessee will not be guaranteed use of the space until a lease agreement is signed and a refundable security deposit (or total use fee) has been paid.
6. The use of Caldwell ISD facilities is for use of the building and permanent fixtures only. ( (An exception will be the use of risers and cordless microphones at the Auditorium which will be rented under a separate agreement.)
Chase Owen