Caldwell ASPIRE » Program Overview

Program Overview


To incentivize continuing education and professional certification for Caldwell ISD employees.



To support classified employees to complete a bachelor’s degree in education.



Employees who want to participate must apply and be approved each semester.  Participation may be prioritized by the projected needs of the district or limited by funding.  The program supervisor will have final approval.


Caldwell ISD will reimburse the cost of tuition and fees (maximum of $2500/semester) at the end of the semester when the employee provides documentation of coursework completed, with grades above a 3.0.



An employee who participates in the ASPIRE program agrees to remain with Caldwell ISD for three years after receiving the reimbursements or incentives.  Employees who leave before that time will reimburse the district.


Questions? Please contact Tammie Novosad at [email protected].